Our Staff

Jessica Pappas

Jessica Pappas has launched a variety of careers including fortune cookie stuffer, food and beverage director, hotel manager, production coordinator, screenwriter, bartender, and roller-skating champion.

Presently she is pursuing guitar lessons in hopes of one day becoming a rock star. Most recently she was certified as a kundalini teacher, and looks forward to teaching in her ever so rare spare time.

Oh and there's the time she was a pilot...

Tina Antonell

In 1997, I began my private life-counseling practice after twenty-two years of managing three local non-profit organizations. I still offer life counseling, teach meditation and stress release. I love my work in this area and continue to offer a variety of services to the public.

Ten years ago, I entered the world of casting when I was asked to fill in for a night person who was going on vacation. It was simply checking lines, getting confirmations, and attending to all matters, large and small, that occur after hours. Little did I know that the two-week relief stint would lead to a career in casting.

I came to work for Jessica's A-list three years ago, covering nights and weekends. It has been one of the best jobs I've ever had, in that I get to talk to people and help them find work. And I get to work with Jessica, Elaine, Rowena and Muggsy who keep me laughing. I consider the staff to be some of the most caring and dedicated people I've ever worked with. Being that I am the only senior in the group, my mission is to keep this unruly team in line.

I love all our clients and it is an honor to serve them each day.

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